Hi, my name is


I build backend services for the web

A passionate web app developer. I tend to make use of modern web technologies to build websites that looks great, feels fantastic, and functions correctly.

About Me

I am a software developer with a passion for web development. I have a background in computer science, DevOps, Prototyping, and I have a strong interest in the intersection of technology and business. I am currently working as a software developer at VES in Tampa, FL.

I am currently working on a project that will help fertilizer manufacturers and distributors submit Tonnage Reports and pay the associated fees based off their sales database.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:
  • Python - FastAPI
  • Golang - Fiber
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Data Management


Senior Software Engineer - VES
Aug 2022 - present

I am currently working as a senior software developer in support of the JATF in Tampa, FL. I am working on Rapid Prototyping solutions for SOF Operators.


  • Python - FastAPI
  • Golang - Fiber
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
Software Developer - Archarithm
Jul 2021 - Aug 2022

I worked on a data science project that enabled the MDA to analyze large data sets to provide better insights. I used React/Redux on the Frontend and Golang (Gin) on the backend.


  • React/Redux on the Frontend
  • Golang (Gin) on the backend
  • Docker
  • Git
Application Engineer - Fusion Technology
Mar 2021 - Jun 2021

Assisted the FBI Cyber Command to Help Industry Partners with Security.


  • Python
  • Linux
  • Bash
Program Analyst - Penta Research
July 2019 - Mar 2021

Working under the Missile Defense Agency for the Army. Utilizing software experience to make analysts jobs easier with automation and integration of tasks into a streamlined prototype environment.


  • Python - Pandas, OpenGIS
  • SQL
  • Fortran,
  • C# with React
  • Data Pre-Processing
Software Developer - Radiance Technologies
Feb 2016 - June 2017

Worked on a multitude of software projects for the US Army in areas such as open-source intelligence, flight simulator, and wargame simulations.


  • Python
  • C++
  • React.js/Redux
  • C#


2010 - 2014
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
GPA: 3.4 out of 4.0

I studied abroad in Krakow, Poland for a semester. My education focused on embedded programming, architecture and systems.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Catholic Student Union
  • Student Administrative Assistant and Tutor

Get in Touch

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